Not Your Typical Wine Rack

Folks who follow me on Facebook have already seen these, as I made the first one in May and made about a dozen in different sizes throughout the rest of the year. Most people know that I like to make things out of other things. Repurposing is a huge part of my creative process. I do quite a bit of work with mattress parts, too.

Using the springs from a box spring mattress, and a 4″x4″ fence post, some fencing nails, and decorative plaques as bases, I created these counter top wine racks. I’m using a variety of stains, and often way more sand paper for smooth finishes than should be necessary, and creating something useful and interesting. ┬áThe following image is more or less a collection of what I’ve made so far. Some will hold four bottles, as does the one shown above. Some hold eight bottles, and my personal favorite is a floor standing, 36″ tall tower that will hold up to sixteen bottles of wine, liquor, or craft beer.


I am really enjoying making these racks. They seem to be pretty popular, too. Several have already gone to new homes, and only a few are currently listed in my Etsy shop. The rest will be listed over the next few days. I’ve also made two custom. I have at least four more in process and I will post photos when they are finished.

If you are interested in purchasing one, please feel free to contact me directly via email (, Facebook, or in the comments here.