Different Directions

I’ve been pondering for quite a while about taking my business and blog in different directions. I’ve been tossing around new product ideas of things that are more geared toward men, and things geared toward gamers. There are several items in my shop, two types in particular, that I enjoy making but just don’t sell much of. They get pinned and repinned and saved like crazy on pinterest, but typically on boards labelled “things to make” or something similar. I think for those items, I will take them out of my shop, and post tutorials on how to make them. Those items will be replaced in my shop with new products that are more masculine, and for gamers.

When looking through Etsy listings, and looking through booths at craft shows, I see mostly things for girls and women. As the mother of three boys, I feel it’s my duty to make something that they can use. Those boys are also gamers and they have inspired me to make things like polyhedral dice necklaces, dice bags, and eventually deck boxes for their cards.

I’m not sure yet what I will make for men. While what ever it is will not specifically be only for men to use, it will certainly be something that men would use more than a purse, scarf, or hair accessory, or doll clothes. I’ve posed the question on Facebook and gotten a few responses as to what would be most useful for a guy. Something to hold tools was the most popular answer.

I will eventually be posting tutorials here on how to make memo boards and sun catchers. I really enjoy making them, but they just don’t sell because people see them as ‘Pinterest projects’ and think they will make them themselves. I’m sure some people do end up making them, and I’ve had some really great ideas on variations for them.

On the home front, things are almost always in transition in our house. Now is no exception. I am in the final stages of recovering from wrist surgery, so the creative endeavors have been put on hold until I am fully able to craft again. Other things are changing in very positive ways, and new possibilities are on the horizon, but I’m not able to go into detail on those other things right now. I will not leave you in the dark for ever. As soon as there are concrete answers, I will update. It’s all good, and all part of the adventure.


What do you think would be a useful product for men?


Author: 1leftofcenter

I am the mother of four amazing children who constantly encourage and inspire my work. 1 Left of Center would not be what it is today without the support of them and my wonderful husband. I am a crafter. I make unique and unusual home decor, and accessories (mostly purses and tote bags). I participate in craft shows in the St Louis area, though out the year, and sell many of my creations in my Etsy shop.

2 thoughts on “Different Directions”

  1. From my SO next to me – nerdy t-shirts and weapons. Which is hardly a comprehensive list, but he has noticed the same thing you have regarding the trend of more women-friendly products. I’ve noticed it as well, because when I look for presents for my male friends I just see the same boring things in the “gifts for men” section. Most of it just isn’t that cool or unique.

    I would love to know what guys like that could be handmade, because I like making gifts for those close to me. Hopefully you get some good answers and are able to bring them to life successfully!

    1. I really appreciate the input. My house is full of gamers, so I naturally gravitate to things they might use. I don’t make t shirts, and haven’t thought about weapons. I’ll have to visit that idea. I’m also figuring out other “manly” things that don’t fall into the nerd spectrum.

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