We’re in the process of moving to Colorado. Everything has happened really quickly, while everything has gone really slowly. It seems like every little thing has taken an eternity.

From the first phone call requesting an interview, until the official job offer, was less than a month. That was June. We knew before that, that there was a possibility of moving, but those jobs never panned out. So, since the end of June, we’ve been doing lots of nothing, while we wait for things to happen. My Husband started his job mid-July, so for several weeks, we’ve been apart seeing each other on weekends. It’s taken it’s toll on everyone, the kids, especially. Those weekends are filled with remodeling, and upgrade projects on our house in Missouri. I spent several weeks waiting around for contractors to coordinate schedules, which never happened. We’ve been waiting since July 15th for an electrician to get 2 hours of work done. It hasn’t happened yet. Something always comes up. The plumbers can’t finish their work until the electrician’s work has been inspected. The electrician’s work can’t be inspected until it’s finished, but he has to coordinate with the power company so they can shut off electrical service to the house. Everyone has to wait for someone else, and when they finally get their acts together, and schedules coordinated, it rains.

Meanwhile, the kitchen cabinets are in the living room because we had tile laid in the kitchen and dining room, and they can’t be put back until the drywall is replaced on one wall. That can’t be done until the electrician gets his work done, and the inspector approves the work. More hurry up and wait.

I would have had most, if not all, of our belongings packed, but the moving company provided by my husband’s new employer, said not to pack anything so they can do an inventory before they pack it all up. It’s nice that someone will be packing for us but it’s frustrating to just wait; to just sit around waiting for contractors top show up. It’s frustrating living around half-completed work, and keeping small children out of the way while contractors work.

We determined that it would be better for all of us if we were all in the same place, so the kids and I packed up and headed west. We’re all staying at my Father-in-law’s house right now, and he’s at our house, doing some of the cosmetic work so we can sell it.

We put an offer on a house last week, and it was accepted. We stated in the contract that we want to settle within 30 days, although the mortgage company can close in as little as two weeks. We do have to give the current owners time to move out. So, sometime in the next month, we will be in our new house. Sounds easy, right? Of course not. We may be in the house in four weeks, but the moving company may not have out belongings to us for several weeks after that. So the fun continues.

No use getting upset about things I have no control over. Just make the best of every day, and know that we are one day closer to getting everything settled.


Author: 1leftofcenter

I am the mother of four amazing children who constantly encourage and inspire my work. 1 Left of Center would not be what it is today without the support of them and my wonderful husband. I am a crafter. I make unique and unusual home decor, and accessories (mostly purses and tote bags). I participate in craft shows in the St Louis area, though out the year, and sell many of my creations in my Etsy shop.

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