Necklace display

Necklace display

My new necklace display is ready for shows. This is an old quilting hoop, strung with fabric. I put nails across the top to hang the necklaces. Simple and easy to use. I just have to put a band around it when I’m ready to transport, and they will be show ready once the band is taken off. No more packing them individually, and dealing with a tangled mess when it’s time to hang them.


Vintage Lace Wine Bottle Lamp

Vintage Lace Wine Bottle Lamp


IMG_0842 IMG_0847

This is a one-of-a-kind wine bottle lamp, made by me. This bottle is covered in vintage lace, and there was just enough in the package to cover the bottle. I would have loved to make a pair, but, alas, this one is solo.