Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections II

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Heron in the Everglades


Etsy Treasury featuring one of my lamps!

Etsy Treasury featuring one of my lamps!

I received a message this morning, that one of my wine bottle lamps was featured in an Etsy treasury. Happy Monday, indeed!

Click the link above to see the entire treasury.

writing again, for the first time in years

I started writing a short story this week. It’s a story I’ve had working in my head for many years, but I finally started putting it “on paper.” I forgot how freeing and refreshing; how inspiring it is to write. I used to write frequently, almost constantly, but eventually wandered away from it. I’m excited for this story to finally be out of my head and in writing. I know there will be a dozen or so revisions, but I will post it here when it’s finished. I have posted other shorts here, but this one will be a little different. It will be a little deeper, and serious.

Sometimes, I wonder if I missed my calling by not pursuing writing.