Ozark Craft Fair

Earlier this month, my mother and I did our first craft show together. It was a lot of fun, and a lot of fun working with her. We did the Ozark Craft Fair in Ozark, MO. I have never participated in such a well organized show before and it was really impressive. The first day, Friday, was hot and sunny, and the shoppers were out. I was really surprised at the amount of traffic for a Friday. Saturday, it rained, all day, and the temp dropped into the 40’s. That didn’t stop the shoppers. I was amazed by the number of people who braved the cold rain to shop. The traffic was nothing like Friday, but was still pretty good. Sunday, was cold, but dry. It seems like anyone who didn’t brave the rain on Saturday, or didn’t make it out on Friday, made up for it on Sunday.

Not only was I impressed by the shoppers, and how they support artists and crafters, but also by the organizers and volunteers. Everyone was very friendly, and knowledgeable. Everything ran smoothly despite the weather. The other vendors were super friendly and helpful, too. I always like talking to other vendors, especially when they have been in the business a long time. They always have words of wisdom, and helpful hints. Sometimes, when talking to other vendors, it seems like they are just talking to pass the time, or that it’s just chit chat, and other times, it seems like they really care about making a difference to a novice. This time, it seems like I ran into a lot of caring people.

Setting up was great. Different shows have different sized spaces, so there is really no set ‘standard’ size, which makes havingĀ  a set display a little difficult for me. Outdoor shows are usually 10×10, which makes it easier for me to display my wares. Most of my stuff hangs, so I have to get creative with displays. I had new displays that I was eager to use, and a mental image of how I wanted things set up. Mom and I, and friends I’ve done other shows with, really liked how they turned out. The set up worked really well. These are a few pics of how we had everything arranged.

Bed Spring wreaths behind my new ladder shelves. This set up worked really well.
These were a collaborative effort between Mom and me.
These shutter shelves were super easy to set up. I really love the added height to the display.

IMG_9316a IMG_9326a