Etsy Treasury: “That Time Leading to Mabon

Etsy Treasury: “That Time Leading to Mabon

My Silverware wind chimes, “Fire” are features in this beautiful treasury. Check out the creator and their site.


Happy Days are here again!

I feel like I’ve been in limbo; on hold, for eternity. I’ve been waiting patiently for my husband to finish remodeling part of the basement so that I can have my new workshop. I have several new ideas that I am eager to get started on. I’ve been looking forward to making Fall and Winter items. I’ve been sketching Halloween and Christmas items and really, really, growing impatient.  Originally, it would be another two to three weeks before my room would be ready, but i was informed, last night, that the floor plan has changed, and my workshop is pretty much done. The holding pattern finally has come to an end!

Today, I got a nice, sturdy “dorm desk” from Goodwill for $10! It has two leaves that fold down so I can make the desk bigger when I need more work surface. It also has drawers, so I’ll be able to keep my business paperwork organized, and my tools close at hand, but not spread all over the desktop. Now, I’m on the hunt for shelves.

I’m really pleased with how my workshop is coming together. I’m getting really excited about using my new space, and creating new items!


Frustration (life put on hold)

My husband is renovating the basement so I had to move everything from my workshop so that the built in desk and shelves could be removed. Now, everything – crates, boxes, tubs, bins – everything sits stacked in one corner while new walls are waiting to be built. he says he’ll have this done in the next two  – three weeks. I’m excited about the new floor plan. We will be making better use of the space we have, and we will have a full bathroom down there that isn’t completely creepy (I wouldn’t even go in the one that was there).

What I don’t think he realizes is that my business, and my Fall shows are collateral damage. I can’t even work on anything, can’t sort through to get my Fall and Winter products show ready, because of the construction.

I appreciate what he’s doing, so I will not complain. That doesn’t mean I’m not frustrated, though. I have a ton of work to do.

New Beginning

Looking at the chaos and randomly stacked boxes and supplies that is my workshop, I am trying to make order of the mess. While I was away, my husband tore down the obscenely over sized desk that was my work bench. This thing was 8’x3’x3′ and had a 6’x3′ set of cubbies on top. The previous owner of the house built the work bench in the basement, so it was too big – and heavy – to move up the stairs. DH literally had to cut it apart. Now everything that was on the desk and in the cubbies is now stacked in front of the over sized shelves on the other side of the room. I always thought it was nice to have the desk and shelves already in the room, just waiting for me to take over, but it never really felt like my space. I always felt like I was working at someone else’s desk. Essentially, I was.

Now, as I try to figure out where to put everything, and, finally, actually get organized, I’m becoming more excited about having my workshop set up how I want it, rather than working with someone else’s design. My workshop will finally be mine.

Memories, reconnecting with the past

Sorry for the absence. I took a rather last minute “vacation,” and took three of my kiddos and went to Miami for a week. My mom’s best friend passed away in July, and the memorial service was this past week. I knew this amazing woman pretty much all my life, so it was like a family member passed. I had to be there. She was my Sunday school teacher when I was a child, I taught Sunday school along side her when I was older. She taught my oldest kids. I babysat her grandkids. I had my first taste of frozen yogurt as a result of her encouragement, in 1986, when we were on our way to a women’s retreat. She was a very influential figure in my life.

It was a bittersweet trip. We said good bye to a wonderful human being who lived life to the fullest, and got to visit with friends I hadn’t seen in over 10 years. I met the children of my high school friends, and saw the boy I used to babysit when he was about a year old. He’s all grown up now, in his twenties. It doesn’t seem possible.

I took the opportunity to revisit places that were special to my oldest son, and me when we lived there. I spent some time at my father’s grave. I wanted to share that special place with my babies, but they were both napping in the car. I needed to go there. It had been 8 years since the last time I went to his grave. When I lived in Miami, I was there about once a month. It was my happy place. I would go there, sit at his grave and reflect on what ever problem or situation I was dealing with. I would talk it out “with him” and often times, just cry about it all. I really hate being so far away.

We went to the Everglades. Not to worry; I took pictures (posted at the end of this post). It was getting late, so we didn’t get to spend a lot of time out there, and I will not wander out there at night. I know better than to entice alligators, especially when I can’t see them. See, I grew up out there amongst the Saw grass and I know it’s no place to hang out after dark.

We’re back, and getting settled back into our routine. I’ll be rearranging my workshop because my husband is remodeling the basement and I’m losing 65% of my space. Needless to say, I wont be making anything new for a few days. IMG_8617a IMG_8620a IMG_8622 IMG_8623a IMG_8628 IMG_8632 IMG_8637 IMG_8638 IMG_8640a IMG_8642a IMG_8643 IMG_8646a IMG_8647a IMG_8649 IMG_8652a IMG_8654 IMG_8656 IMG_8657a IMG_8659a IMG_8663a IMG_8667a IMG_8668a IMG_8673a IMG_8674a IMG_8675 IMG_8677a IMG_8677aa IMG_8678a IMG_8684 IMG_8689a IMG_8691a IMG_8693a IMG_8697a IMG_8699a IMG_8700a IMG_8702a IMG_8703a IMG_8725a IMG_8727a IMG_8727b IMG_8728a IMG_8729a IMG_8732a IMG_8734A IMG_8736A IMG_8737A IMG_8738A IMG_8742A IMG_8749A IMG_8756 IMG_8759 IMG_8766

Home again, home again…

Vacation is over. We’re home, unpacked, and getting back in the groove of every day life. We all had such a good time in North Carolina. We got to visit family, meet relatives we never met, the kids got to experience the beach for the first time. It was really a great time.

Now that we’re home, I’m focusing on Fall and Winter holiday items, which seems weird to me. I worked retail in the 80’s and we never put the Halloween merchandise out until mid-September, and Christmas merchandise most assuredly did not go on the shelves until the week of Thanksgiving. Being a crafter, I understand why craft stores have Fall and Christmas stuff out in July. We need those things to get ready for our Autumn and Winter shows. So, I’m getting in the holiday spirit way early.

I’m working on wreaths and ornaments. Most of the ornaments will not make it to the Etsy shop because there are just too many of them. I am debating listing them as sets, but then you run into customers wanting to switch out pieces with other sets. Pictures of all the ornaments will eventually be posted here and on facebook. If you see something you absolutely have to have, just send me a message. Until then, my brain is buzzing with more ideas than I can handle. My sketch book is filling up quickly.