Silver lining

Yesterday, I spent the day at the church my mother attended as a child. My grand parents, great grand parents, and several other relatives are buried. I was really hoping I would get the chance to wander the cemetery with my husband and children, and show them the graves of some of the most special people in our family, and take some pictures. I love cemetery photography. We didn’t get to do that, though. Instead, we spent the day inside the fellowship hall, meeting new relatives and catching up with ones we have known for years, and all the little ones got to play together. It was a really great day.

I was also hoping to spend some time at my mom’s house, searching through her barns. There is stuff in there that has been in there since 1970, so some of it is even older than that. I know there are things in there that are just waiting to be made into something new and cool. I also know that they will still be there when I do finally get a chance to look for them.

We will be heading to the beach today so maybe I’ll be able to collect some cool shells and drift wood. We shall see.


Author: 1leftofcenter

I am the mother of four amazing children who constantly encourage and inspire my work. 1 Left of Center would not be what it is today without the support of them and my wonderful husband. I am a crafter. I make unique and unusual home decor, and accessories (mostly purses and tote bags). I participate in craft shows in the St Louis area, though out the year, and sell many of my creations in my Etsy shop.

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